What options are available to get to the city from Zagreb Airport?

zagreb airport

When landing in to a new country, be it for a holiday, business or travel-through, finding the right kind of transport can be stressful. When landing in to Zagreb airport there are several transfer options you can employ, depending on which one suits you best. Below we list the available Zagreb airport transfer options.


Taxi is a very common way of transport in Croatia. In recent years Zagreb has seen increasing competition among taxi providers, which consequently made taxi services affordable on almost any kind of budget. As of 2018 there are several taxi providers offering their services in Zagreb. The least expensive providers are Uber and Taxi Cammeo (generally lower quality vehicles – but not always), priced in the mid-range are Eko-Taxi (hybrid and LPG geared vehicles) and Radio Taxi Zagreb (association of individual drivers – the oldest provider in Zagreb), and in the upper price range you find the – so called “Yellow cabs” – taxi cars with yellow taxi tables on top (individual drivers who determine prices individually – see picture below). Most taxi providers are reliable, and Zagreb is known as a modestly safe place when it comes to taxi transfers. Shortcoming of this type of transport is not knowing who exactly is coming to pick you up (driver’s name), as well as the type of vehicle they will use. However, most taxi vehicles in Zagreb are well maintained and clean, which makes things easier when deciding for this type of transfer. Prices for taxi rides are determined by kilometre (distance), but each taxi provider also has a starting charge (from 6-10 HRK) and waiting price (from 40-50 HRK / per hour). Journey from Zagreb airport to the city centre (main square) will cost you between 130 – 150 HRK (only UBER will be less).

taxi options

Airport taxi

When arriving to Zagreb airport there are also local taxi drivers available on the spot. They can be found at the main exit on the ground level (just outside the main arrivals hall). These taxi providers tend to be more expensive tough. Journey from the airport to the city centre (main square) will cost you between 150 and 180 HRK – sometimes even more. It is advisable (for all taxi rides) that you negotiate the price upfront, so you know exactly what the journey price will be. This is not always possible, but you can try.

Private transfer

Private transfers are normally provided by locally licensed transfer companies that have their own fleet (4-8 passenger minivans or 1-3 passenger vehicles). Private transfers are always prearranged and paid upfront (in full or in part), and drivers are waiting at the agreed meeting point – with client’s name in their hands. When the pick-up point is an airport, private drivers will wait for their clients in the arrivals hall and escort them to the vehicle. Key advantage of private transfers is a fixed price determined before the journey, as well as the fact that passengers know who their personal driver is and what vehicle he will use. If travelling in a group this can be the most inexpensive way of transfer from the airport, as rates are normally calculated per vehicles, not per number of people travelling.

Zagreb airport map

Zagreb Airport Map

Airport bus

If looking for a cheaper option to get to the city, you can always employ Airport bus option. This bus is found at the very exit of the main arrivals hall (see the map above – “Bus Public Transport”). One-way ticket to the city centre will cost you 30 HRK and the will only stop once (at the City main bus station). Buses are running every 30mins (from 5.30am to 10.30pm). Tickets are bought on the spot (with a bus driver).

Local bus

Local bus option is also available. Buses run every 35mins, but they stop at 20 stations (between airport and the city) and they can get very inconvenient, especially if you carry more than one suitcase. This is the least recommended option, but it is still worth mentioning – for those more adventurous!


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