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Split transfer


Category: Cities

Beautiful city on the Croatian coastline. Rich in heritage, best to visit between April and September. An intraregional transport hub and popular tourist destination, the city is linked to the Adriatic islands and the Apennine peninsula. Wikipedia

Plitvice transfer


Category: National parks

In 1979, Plitvice Lakes National Park was added to the UNESCO World Heritage register. The national park was founded in 1949 and is situated in the mountainous karst area of central Croatia, at the border to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Wikipedia

Zagreb Airport transfer


Category: Airports

Franjo Tuđman Airport, also known as Zagreb Airport (IATA: ZAG, ICAO: LDZA) or simply Pleso, is the largest and busiest international airport in Croatia. In 2017 it handled around 3.1 million passengers and some 12,000 tons of cargo. Wikipedia


Dubrovnik Transfer

Dubrovnik (historically Latin: Ragusa) is a Croatian city on the Adriatic Sea. It is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the Mediterranean Sea, a seaport and the centre of Dubrovnik-Neretva County. Its total population is 42,615 (census 2011). In 1979, the city of Dubrovnik joined the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. The prosperity of the city was historically based on maritime trade; as the capital of the maritime Republic of Ragusa, it achieved a high level of development, particularly during the 15th and 16th centuries, as it became notable for its wealth and skilled diplomacy. Wikipedia


Zadar Transfers

A historical center of Dalmatia, Zadar County’s principal political, cultural, commercial, industrial, educational, and transportation centre. Zadar is also the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Zadar. Because of its rich heritage, Zadar is today one of the most popular Croatian tourist destinations, named “entertainment center of the Adriatic” by The Times and “Croatia’s new capital of cool” by the Guardian. In 2016, Zadar was named “Best European Destination” by the Belgian portal Europe’s Best after a three-week period of online voting. Wikipedia


Rovinj Transfers

Located on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula, it is a popular tourist resort and an active fishing port. Istriot, a Romance language once widely spoken in this part of Istria, is still spoken by some of the residents. Rovinj islands have been described as “outstanding scenic wonders,” because of the pristine beauty of the indented coastline and its forests, consisting of holm oak and Alpine pine trees. This area “of outstanding natural beauty” extends from St. Ivan promontory to Barbariga, including all the Rovinj/Rovigno islands and the mainland 500 metres from the shore line. Wikipedia

Airport Zagreb

Zagreb Airport Transfers

The largest and busiest international airport in Croatia. In 2017 it handled around 3.1 million passengers and some 12,000 tons of cargo. Named after Franjo Tuđman, the first President of Croatia, the airport is located some 10 km south-east of Zagreb Central Station at Velika Gorica. It is the hub for the Croatian flag carrier Croatia Airlines as well as Trade Air. A base of the Croatian Air Force is located within the airport complex, in barracks called “Colonel Marko Živković”. An administrative centre of the Croatian Air Traffic Control is also situated on the grounds of the airport. Wikipedia

Ljubljana Airport

Ljubljana Airport Transfers

Also known by its previous name Brnik Airport, is the international airport of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. The airport is located near the village of Brnik, 24 km (15 mi) northwest[1] of Ljubljana and 9.5 km (5.9 mi) east of Kranj on the road between Kranj and Mengeš. It serves as the homebase for Adria Airways, the largest airline in Slovenia. On December 8, 2004, the airport received its first annual millionth passenger. Overall, the airport handled 1,683,045 passengers in 2017, representing a 19.8% rise in traffic figures compared to the previous year. Wikipedia

Venice Airport

Venice Airport Transfers

It is located on the mainland 4.3 nautical miles north of the city in Tessera, a Frazione of the Comune of Venice nearest to Mestre. Due to the importance of Venice as a leisure destination, it features flights to many European metropolitan areas as well as some partly seasonal long-haul routes to the United States, Canada and the Middle East. With 10.371.380 passengers having passed through the airport in 2017, it remains the fourth busiest airport in Italy in terms of passenger numbers. The airport is named after Marco Polo and serves as a base for Volotea and easyJet. Wikipedia


Opatija Business Transfers

Opatija, an elegant touristic destination also called “Pearl of the Adriatic”, hosts numerous congress events and seminars throughout the year. This peaceful town, rich in history, counts 35 hotels and over 50 congress halls, with the largest hall accommodating up to 900 seats. Due to its proximity to the airport (40km/25mi to the nearest) it serves as a great get-together point for many domestic and international conference hosts and companies. For more info about Opatija click here.


Dubrovnik Business Transfers

As one of the most beautiful Mediterranean towns and the leading Croatia congress center, Dubrovnik is a host to numerous domestic and international conferences. This rich city surrounded by beautiful nature and preserved heritage counts over 45 hotels and many more congress halls. With closest airport being only 22km away, Dubrovnik attracts business visitors all year round. For more info about Dubrovnik click here.


Zagreb Business Transfers

Zagreb is the capital, as well as a business, economic, diplomatic and cultural centre of Croatia. Its good connections and the proximity to other European cities make Zagreb an ideal congress destination. With 57 hotels and congress centers and the newly built airport, Zagreb has become a recognizable congress destination where large regional companies meet. For more info about Zagreb, click here.


Varaždin Trips

Varaždin is certainly one of the unique gateway places you want to visit while in Croatia. It is most proud of its historic ‘Old Town’ – central city zone rich in Baroque palaces, churches and monasteries – still very well preserved. Varaždin has once been a home to the Parliament of Croatia, as well as Croatia’s capital city. In this round trip you will:

  • explore the City of Varaždin,
  • walk around the Varaždin Old Town,
  • have lunch at one of the local restaurants,
  • drive through the valleys of Varaždin county.

For more information about this trip please contact us.


Trakošćan Castle Trips

Undobtedly, Trakošćan is one of the most beautiful, and certainly the most romantic castle in Croatia. Found in the Zagorje region (area known as an oasis of preserved nature, clean air and thermal waters), Trakošćan castle is a cultural heritage protected by the Republic of Croatia’s Ministry of Culture as a significant historical entity. The Castle was built in the 13th century and served as a home to many feudal lords throughout centuries. In this round trip you will:

  • experience the Trakošćan castle,
  • visit a local wine producer,
  • have lunch at a local restaurant
  • spend some time in a well-known fashion outlet

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Sveti Martin na Muri Trips

Sveti Martin na Muri is an ideal day gateway, located in the far north of Croatia, just by the Slovenian border. This area is known for its beautiful hill scenery, fantastic wine and delicious local food. With over some 100 years of tradition in thermal bathing, wellness facilities and walking zones, this area has become known as a home to professional and recreational athletes during their preparations for tournaments and Olympic games. In this round trip you will:

  • enjoy the Sveti Martin SPA Resort,
  • have lunch at a local restaurant,
  • do wine tasting in a local vinery,
  • drive through the scenic hills of Međimurje.

For more information about this trip please contact us.