We kindly ask you to provide us with your flight number when making a reservation. With this information we can track your flight in real time and have up-to-date information about any delays that might occur. If there is a delay in your flight our driver will act accordingly and will be waiting for you at the time of your arrival in the arrivals hall.
If your flight is delayed, we will not charge an extra fee for our driver to wait.
Advantages of booking this type of transfer are: 1. You are provided with a fixed rate for your transfer route; 2. You have the option to pay the total amount in advance, therefore allowing you to calculate your expenses in advance; 3. Rates do not vary due to longer journey times caused by road works or traffic; 4. You can rest assured your transport will be available and ready for you when you need it.
We provide you with your journey travel time based on everyday traffic conditions, however, the journey travel time can vary due to different factors (traffic in high seasons, road works, etc.).
The driver will pick you up at the departure point provided in your reservation. If your departure point is at the airport, the driver will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall holding a tablet that has your name shown on it. If you are not able to establish a contact with our driver, please contact our call-center immediately on +385 98 232 185 where you will be provided with further instructions.
Your price inquiry can be submitted by phone +385 98 232 185 or by email reservations@traveltransfer.hr, where you can receive an exact price calculation. You can also get an informative calculation on our website www.traveltransfer.hr. All you need to do there is fill in the calculation form and select your desired vehicle. If you are happy with our offer, we will send you payment instructions. Upon receiving your payment, you will receive a booking confirmation by email. 
We highly recommend making a reservation prior to your date of travel. When you make a reservation, it is immediately noted in our booking system and we allocate a vehicle for you. We do offer last minute reservations, however, they are subject to availability of our vehicles for your chosen dates and transfer routes.


Reservation Confirmation

You and your luggage are covered by our basic insurance on your transfer. We strongly recommend that you have your own travel insurance for your entire trip.
When you make your reservation (payment), you should immediately receive a payment confirmation. Depending on the quantity of requests at a time it can take up to 12 hours for our reservations team to send you your voucher / itinerary (it usually takes approximately 2 hours to process your itinerary). Please make sure that the email address you enter is correct and valid, and please check your SPAM folder. If you do not receive your itinerary within 12 hours from your payment, please contact us via phone +385 98 232 185 or email reservations@traveltransfer.hr. Once you have received your itinerary, you can rest assured that we have your reservation secured.
If you lose your voucher, don't worry, contact us via phone +385 98 232 185 or email reservations@traveltransfer.hr and we will issue you another voucher.


Payment of Transfer

Your transfer price is calculated per vehicle.
When you book a one-way trip with us the price includes your journey from your pick-up point to your destination. When you book a return trip with us the price includes the journey to your destination and also journey from your return pick-up point to your return destination.
We have a few different payment options:  Option 1 (BANK TRANSFER): Pay 20% in advance through a bank transfer upon booking + pay the remaining 80% by another bank transfer prior to the start of your journey (or by cash/card to our driver on the day).  Option 2 (CARD PAYMENT): Pay 20% in advance online via a credit/debit card through our safe payment portal CorvusPay (payment link is provided upon your booking), and pay the remaining 80% by another credit/debit card payment through our CorvusPay portal prior to the start of your journey.  Option 3 (UPFRONT PAYMENT): Pay 100% upfront (prior to your journey) - via bank transfer or via online credit/debit card payment(*). * When paying via credit/debit card online you can also choose to pay in installments.
Drivers at Travel Transfer are individuals with years of experience in Taxi and Occasional passenger transport, extremely accessible, communicative and professional.
When you make a full payment prior to your transfer, we send you a receipt via email.


Change and Cancellation of Reservation

In case your travel plans or personal details change after you have made your reservation, please contact us via phone +385 98 232 185 or email reservations@traveltransfer.hr so that we can change your details and organise your updated travel route and car accordingly. All changes must be made at least 24 hours prior to your transfer. Please note that the price and travel times can change if you change your pick-up and/or destination point. If transfer changes are possible, they become valid after they are confirmed by our reservations team.
If you need to cancel your reservation, you will need to follow the instructions provided in your confirmation email. Travel Transfer gives refunds for timely cancellations. The following rules apply: - 100% refund (cancellations made at least 24h days prior to your transfer), - 50% refund (cancellations made less than 24h prior to your transfer), - 0% refund (no shows).
Upon receiving your cancellation notification, we will process the cancellation and send you a confirmation email within 12 hours. If you do not receive our email, please check your SPAM folder. If there is still no email contact us immediately via phone +385 98 232 185 or email reservations@traveltransfer.hr.


Additional Requirements

If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact us via phone +385 98 232 185 or email reservations@traveltransfer.hr. 
We can transport your pet, as long as the pet has a travel box. Pets are transported in the luggage department of our vehicles (if not agreed otherwise).
Our transfer route will be from your pick-up point to your required destination provided in your reservation. You can arrange with your driver to have breaks during the journey should you need to stop for any reason. If you would like to stop at certain tourist locations, we encourage you to book a tour through us. That way you will have enough time to look around and enjoy.
Smoking is not permitted in the vehicle during the transfer, however you can arrange with your driver to have a break when needed. Your travel times many vary slightly, depending on how many times you choose to have a break.
We can provide transport for disabled people. If your transfer includes a disabled person, please let us know in advance so that we can set the transfer vehicle accordingly.
You can travel with a child (children), however, children under 12 are not allowed to travel alone. Children aged 12-18 must have written permission from their parents. Children under 5 are required to use a car seat (if that is your case please notify us when booking your transfer).
We do not have an extra charge for excessive luggage, however we do charge for additional luggage. Included in the price is one standard suitcase and one smaller hand baggage (backpack size or similar) per passenger. Any additional luggage has to be claimed when booking and is charged per piece (according to our pricelist).